Creating accessible controls with Xamarin.Forms

Custom renderers aren't that difficult

Xamarin Forms is marketed as a tool for simple data entry apps and prototyping, but wtih a little bit of knowledge, Forms can work for a cross platform app. One thing that Forms lacks on its controls is access to the accessibility features that are necessary for your app to be usable by screen reader users. However, adding that capability is very easy. I’m going to walk through adding accessible labels to buttons.

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Setting up a blog with Hugo and Heroku

My First Post!

Today I will walk you through how to set up a blog with Hugo and host it on Heroku. It will only take 5 minutes if you already have git installed and a heroku account, Hugo is a static website engine that takes raw content in various formats (like markdown) and render them into html to be hosted statically. You can download Hugo here for your platform. Hugo is a command line tool, so the install is very light.

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